T's & C's (the small print)

Here at Wedding DJ Scotland, we like to make it simple for our clients when making the choice on who to book with. We have decided to simplify it this year by including our terms and conditions of business online. We personally feel this will give all our clients added peace of mind.



So when anyone books with us, we will send out a booking confirmation, with a requirement for e-signature, within this confirmation, you will find all details regarding dates, times and locations in relation to your event, and also the T's & C's attached below.

1. WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND will require the balance of any engagement fee payable to be made at least 21 days before the function date.

2. If the CLIENT cancels the booking or the event does not take place for any reason then the deposit will be forfeited. A cancellation fee of not less than one half of the agreed fee will also be applied for. Full payment will be sought if cancellation is made within 31 days of the performance date or if WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND can show that another function has been refused for the same date on the basis of this agreement. Cancellation notification must be in writing and receipt of such notification will be confirmed in writing.

3. WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND will conduct themselves in a manner befitting the engagement and will respond to the CLIENTS requests relating to dress code, volume levels, music played, equipment location or any other reasonable request.

4. WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND will require access to a properly earthed mains electricity supply, sufficient to allow safe usage of the required equipment for the performance. If the supply is inadequate then the amount of equipment may be reduced. If WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND considers that the electricity supply or any other aspect of the event is unsafe then they reserve the right to refuse to start or continue the performance after consultation with the CLIENT. The provisions of clause 2 may also apply.

5. WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND will use their best endeavour’s to attend the function. Should they be prevented from attending for any reason, including accident or sudden illness, then the CLIENT will receive a full refund of all monies paid to WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND for that function, however WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND will not incur any additional liability for non-appearance.

6. Licences for the performance of recorded music are only required at public events. In most cases private parties, such as wedding receptions, birthdays etc. which are invitation only and attract no entrance fee do not require a licence. It is the CLIENTS responsibility to obtain such licences if required. Should WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND be prevented from performing due to the absence of any appropriate licence or similar permission or should the performance be cancelled for any other reason than the provisions of clause 2 will apply.

7. WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND will require adequate setting up time prior to the performance and a sufficient period afterwards to dismantle and remove their equipment from the venue. The amount of time required is dependent on the package selected and the minimum is annotated on WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND'S planner.

8. The CLIENT is responsible for providing adequate supervision of all guests, staff and customers at the venue and will be liable for any loss or damage to equipment caused by guests, staff or customers.

9. The CLIENT warrants that they are entitled to use the venue for the purposes of the event and performance and that the event does not breach any law, bye-law or conditions imposed on the property.

10. Any extension of playing time is purely at the discretion of WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND and may be subject to other constraints, however they will do their best to accommodate any such request. Fees for extended times are advised above.

11. Where WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND are providing all day services, a request for a simple bar meal be provided to all staff on site.

12. The CLIENT engaging WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND and WEDDING DJ SCOTLAND accepting the engagement confirms acceptance of all these terms and conditions by signing the agreement above.



We feel these T's & C's give added peace of mind to our clients and ensure we uphold our contracts.